Velarde Friedl

Civil advice

The civil law consultancy deals with everything related to the human being and their relationships. Things as essential as name, birth, marital status, nationality; the legal ties between two individuals, contracts, powers of attorney; property, inheritances and successions, and all procedures directly related to the natural person are the subject of this specialty.

Our services

  • Divorce and separation.
  • Asset separation.
  • International Divorce.
  • Coexistence and free union.
  • Common parenting plan and Alimony.
  • Possession of minors and visitation regime.
  • Minor travel authorization.
  • Paternity challenge.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Rectification of records: names and surnames.
  • Wills and Successions.
  • Inheritances and Advances.
  • Real Estate and Powers of Attorney.
  • Legal representation.