Velarde Friedl

Public affairs

The purpose of any organization should be to collaborate with its different stakeholders in the creation of shared and sustained value. By creating it, companies do not just meet their shareholders, but all of their key audiences: employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and society in general.
In this sense, Public Affairs Management focuses on the development of links, relationships and strategic alliances that promote the strengthening of institutional reputation, while facilitating the development of policies, dissemination of good practices and reduction of social conflicts .

Our services

Strategic Alignment:

  • Mapping audiences.
  • Communication objectives.
  • Elaboration of key messages.
  • Pillars of communication.
  • Definition of positioning.
  • Communication styles.
  • Reputation consulting.

Reputation Advisory:

  • Diagnosis of media reputation.
  • Spokesperson training (Media Training).
  • Offline & online content strategy.
  • Public-private institutional relationship.
  • Strategic alliances with stakeholders.
  • Management of corporate press.
  • Media monitoring.
  • Crisis management